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Southern Season Cheddar Cheese Straws

When cheese straws taste this good, keeping a supply in the cupboard is virtually impossible. Lots of sharp cheddar, wholesome ingredients, and talent - that's what it takes to create these homemade crunchy munchies. Whether you go for the traditional flavor or the spicy hot variety, each cheesy bite brings you back for another. Pretty soon, you'll be wondering where they all went.


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Douglas Kinne
Good, almost great

These are very good cheese straws. Sometime in the last couple of years they changed the recipe slightly or maybe went to a different supplier. The old cheese straws were five stars - they had the texture and crumble down perfectly. These new ones are very close. The spice is a bit more mild and the bite of the cheddar has softened a little. Still good, though.

Carolina blue

These are the best cheese straws bar none. I frequently order them. I'm from NC but live in California and am unable to get them here. I have tried other brands and these are the BEST!!!! They almost melt in your mouth very airy but still good crunch and the cheese flavor is wonderful. Very happy customer. Great customer service as well and fast shipping. Thank you Southern Season.

Only the Best

When I think of these cheese straws, a big Tar Heel grin comes over my countenance. Either one, the regular or the spicy variety, and you’ve got a taste of the Southern Part of Heaven. I’m in Las Vegas now, having moved from Cali and Phoenix, but a bite of one of these, and I’m a 17-year-old freshman living at Hinton James all over again. Thanks for the memories...

cheese straws

I order these for my mom, she is in new york so I send them every month..

tasty cookies

perfect gift for those of us who live in north carolina or went to one of our great universities.