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Swedish Ginger Snap Cookie Tin 14 oz

The Best Gingersnaps in the World.

They’re called “Pepparkakor” in Sweden, but you’ll say they’re “delicious” with each and every bite. Better order several tins, because these crisp spice cookies will instantly become household favorites with family, friends, and neighbors who drop by.

Gingerbread biscuits –pepparkakor– have been made in Sweden since the 15th century and around 1830 the popular heart shape was introduced. In Sweden, the heart is associated with goodness and kindness, so perhaps the idea of the influence of gingersnaps on the body stems from the heart-shaped biscuits. Today it is well known that eating gingersnaps makes one happy!

Nyåkers Pepparkakor is the oldest gingerbread biscuit bakery in Sweden, with a long tradition and behind it. The business began in the 1940s when two brothers from Nyåker got the idea to distribute the gingerbread biscuits that had been baked for generations in their family. They worked out a recipe for the biscuits and began to bake them. Their recipe is still used today and is a very well preserved secret. Because Nyåkers Pepparkakor have their own recipe they also have a very special taste, and therefore can never be confused with other varieties.


Customer Reviews

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Good snaps

They are so good melt in your mouth

Never tasted better

These cookies are always fresh. Love the shape and the taste.

The Best

These are by far my favorite ginger snaps. I always buy several tins when I am in town.

Simply the best

I have to agree, these are the best gingersnap cookies I have ever tasted. I am a huge fan.

A Real Treat!

My husband just loves these cookies. I can usually only find them around Christmas, so I get six tins from you in December. It is only March and he is on his last tin. I was so happy when I found that you still have them in stock. The cookies stay fresh for a long time in the tins.